Mission Trip To Haiti

I recently returned from a mission trip to Haiti where we performed orthopedic surgery and dentistry and primary care. I took a team of high school and college kids as well as some physicians. We stayed at an orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti named “Hands and Feet”. It was an amazing trip. God did some great works in and thru us. …

Malcom BaxterMission Trip To Haiti


This bone condition affects millions all over the world. Do you know what it is?


Baseball Injuries Part 1: Pitchers

Make sure you catch the first of our articles on baseball injuries. This one is focused on pitchers:

adminBaseball Injuries Part 1: Pitchers

Pulled or Torn Muscle

Call it a pull or a strain, if you don’t warm up you might get it:

adminPulled or Torn Muscle

Running Posture Do’s and Don’t’s

Recently we discussed how important posture is for your spine. This is true no matter what you’re doing, whether you’re sitting in front of a computer, standing in line, or running in a marathon. How you hold yourself affects your body. Did you know you increase the amount of pressure on your spine when you run? This means you put …

adminRunning Posture Do’s and Don’t’s

5 Common Hockey Injuries

Whether it’s a result of bad posture, an overuse injury, degeneration from aging, or trauma, neck pain can be rough. For some, pain may only last for a few hours, but for others it may linger for days. Chronic neck pain may continue for weeks, or even years.

admin5 Common Hockey Injuries

3 Common Dislocations

What do gymnastics, basketball, football, car accidents, and downhill skiing all have in common? All are situations in which you can accidentally dislocate a joint. Dislocation occurs when a bone slips out of its normal position, usually due to a sudden impact. Dislocations can occur in any joint in the body, but listed below are three of the more common …

admin3 Common Dislocations

Throwing Injuries

The elbow joint undergoes a lot of stress when throwing motions are repeated without aloting the proper time for healing and rest. If the tendons and ligaments on the inner side of the elbow are stretched repeatedly while the outer side of the elbow’s structures are compressed, this can lead to damaged bone and tissues. This damage is especially likely …

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An angiogram is a test that allows physicians to see how blood flows through a specific blood vessel (an artery or a vein). The procedure uses a dye that makes blood vessels visible on X-rays. An angiogram can be used to look at the blood vessels in the head, chest, back, abdomen, arms or legs. An angiogram can reveal the …



Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become weak and brittle due to bone tissue thinning and bone density loss over time. This creates an increased risk of fractures as bones become weak and brittle. The bones can become so fragile that a fall, coughing, or even bending over can cause a fracture.