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Barbara Johnson’s Story

Barbara Johnson’s Story

Barbara Johnson’s Story

March 16, 2016

Barbara Johnson enjoys a busy and satisfying retirement. After her regular morning workout at the gym, she says, “I do a lot of painting and sewing, and we travel.”

But advancing arthritis in Barbara’s knees put her active lifestyle at risk. Getting around her house, with its three different flights of stairs, became a constant ordeal. “I was getting to the point where I just couldn’t make the stairs without a lot of help and almost dragging myself up,” she remembers. The pain and inconvenience moved her to consider surgery.

Being new to the Nashville area, Barbara didn’t know many physicians here. A friend at the gym recommended Dr. Malcom Baxter. “He had done her shoulder and her daughter’s two knees,” Barbara says. She made an appointment, to see “what I needed to have done.”

In the office, photos of Dr. Baxter on storm relief and mission trips, and a newspaper article about his work with underprivileged people, helped put Barbara at ease. “I just felt real comfortable with him being a community service kind of person.” She was reassured to learn that others were impressed with his skills. Hearing “a lot of good things about him as a physician,” inspired Barbara to choose Dr. Baxter for knee replacement surgery.

As Barbara puts it, her first procedure was “really awesome. I actually got up on the same day and started therapy.” She missed just one regular trip to the gym, and after a short period of alternating physical therapy with her gym visits, she returned to her regular exercise routine.

As they planned the operation on her second knee, Dr. Baxter took precautions to avoid a flare-up of cellulitis, which had been a problem for her in the past. Barbara says, “I was really pleased that he took a lot of care to make sure that wasn’t going to be an issue.”

Barbara’s recovery from the second surgery went exactly as planned. She was so eager to return to active living that she immediately began planning to enter a 5k race. The first surgery occurred in mid-June; the second at the end of August. Walking that course was no small accomplishment, she’s proud to say. “I did my 5k on March 12, less than six months from my last surgery,” she reports.

Barbara says there was an extra dimension to her experience with Dr. Baxter. “One of the things I really appreciated about him is that before we went into surgery, he asked to pray with me,” she recalls. “It just felt very comfortable with him doing that.”

Barbara is very pleased with her experience, and happy to say so to others. “I certainly would recommend him as a surgeon for a knee replacement,” she says.